MSweep as Meshpipe with variable Radius

Hello sparkling dazzling fizzy bubbly community :seedling:
Attempt of MeshPipe with variable radius from a list of rails.

First, I created circles oriented at the start/end of each rails.
Then tried to compile everything with MeshSweep.

I am clearly missing something with graft and flat. Any idea ?
This would be helpfull to get another way for understanding Trees beside this great document :

Bonus Question : What component should I add to get roundish caps for the Mesh sweep ?

MSweep var (195.0 KB)

Hey Ghali,

Now I may be hideously wrong, but I don’t think MeshSweep allows for multiple sections (there is nothing wrong with your understanding of grafting and flattening here from what I can see) - you could do it as a NURBS Sweep and it gets your the results you need but the gaps may be a problem.

I feel like I might be becoming a bit of a broken record, but Cocoon deals with all of these issues for me

MSweep var (185.0 KB)

Does this help?


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Hello Sash !
Thank you for your answer it’s beautifull! (This will give me opportunity to work with cocoon and graph domains).
I actually did a model with NURBS variable pipe but as you expected it is awefully long.

I tried your definition but I can’t get it to work. I have some error regarding plankton.
Downloaded the latest version of Plankton, and the 0.3 (and checked unblock component) but nothing changes. Maybe you have a hint on this ?

**Edit : I needed to also upload the Plankton.dll in the component file.