Pipe Variable for multiple lines

Hi all,

As a new Rhino and Grasshopper user, I am grateful for the help I have received from this community. With your help, I was able to create an irregular parametric dome. Now, I would love to personalize it a bit more by incorporating a sea theme! My idea is to have an octopus (or jellyfish at this point?) “wrapping” the dome. To create the tentacles, I am utilizing the pipe variable command, but I am encountering some difficulties:

  1. Replicating the pipe variable into the other columns of the dome.
  2. Connecting the top of the dome with the tentacles.

Dome tentacle.gh (38.9 KB)

Additionally, would it be possible to extend the pipe in order to form an arch as in the screenshot? I think it would add an unique touch, but I cannot think of a way to do it. At the end, the idea is to turn on the other components of the dome (hexagonal divisions and mesh).

Thanks once again for your time and support!


Dome tentacle_2023Mar20a.gh (36.1 KB)

I grafted the curve inputs, then reduced the number of radii to match the number of ‘Parameter’ values.

Thank you! I was grafting the wrong curves. I will consider deleting the sphere at the top as the union of the pipes look decent.

I didn’t even notice the massive amount of code (and hidden wires!) you have off to the left side of the canvas, and without your plugins, I’m probably missing some things. But I see it this way:

Dome tentacle_2023Mar20b.gh (41.0 KB)

P.S. This is better using BiArc so the tentacles are horizontal at the top. We did something very similar to this recently on this forum.

Dome tentacle_2023Mar20c.gh (42.9 KB)

Oh yes, here it is, barely two weeks ago:

P.P.S. Or with the BiArc curves flipped. (constructed swapping ends)

Dome tentacle_2023Mar20d.gh (43.5 KB)

That was silly, I could have just flipped the curves going to the Pipe Variable group.

Dome tentacle_2023Mar20e.gh (43.9 KB)

Thank you once again! I will check in detail the alternatives. The code is even more complex, I deleted most of it to make the question and post as simple as possible!

Hello once again. I am still working with the file, and I am wondering if it is possible to create the sweep surface from the first horizontal division and not the base, as illustrated in this screenshot.

I am having issues because I want to keep the arcs (tentacles) from the base (z=0). When I sweep the surface, I always get an undesirable mesh. Thank you one more time!
Dome Mesh.gh (39.3 KB)

MultiPipe it…

Dome Mesh multipipe.gh (45.1 KB)

Sorry, I was not clear with my question. I am trying to perform a sweep like the one:

But not from Z=0 but from the curve above it.