Moving points inwards

Hello All,
I got a question from my friend about moving group of point’s inwards. I helped him with my solution. Now I feel that the approach I used seems to be wrong. Is there any other alternative solution for same question.

Thanks in advance
Gh file attached.

Gh Forum (17.4 KB)

It’s not clear exactly what you’re trying to achieve, but if Scale isn’t what you want, then you could use Offset Surface (negative value) on the original surface, and then apply the Diamond Panels to the result. Centroids would be moved (pretty much) along the surface normal.

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Why not move them based of the Normal Vector? Scaling will only work in certain situations, but moving by the negative normal direction will always be consistent. Gh Forum (16.9 KB)

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Why not use Offset Surface?

Gh Forum (17.6 KB)

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Thank you all