How to move control points along normals of surface to a specified point


I am having difficulty in Grasshopper making a planar surface into a deformed surface. Attached is an image of the paneling I’m trying to achieve, where each panel is deformed by moving the centroid of the surface a specified distance to a point along its normal.

I attached the GH file as well as the Rhino file containing baked geometry (in green) that I manually edited to snap to the specified points. Obviously, the purpose of this topic is to make it editable in GH.

FYI: I attempted to isolate and focus on just one panel rather than the field of panels, but still had difficulty finding a command to achieve the deformation.

Trees and (17.9 KB)
Trees and Structures.3dm (2.5 MB)

Check this out…

Trees and (12.0 KB)

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HS_Kim: Thank you! This resolves the issue I was having.

Do you know how I can have more control of the amplitude of the subsurface’s? Specifically, how to make all of their centroids sit/extend to the same z-plane? In other words, the centroids cannot go below 0 in z-axis.

Further, is there a way to graft rotation of the subsurface’s so that I can vary the degree of orientation? Currently, everything is set to normals, so I’m curious how one could set a few subsurfaces to orient to z-axis, 10 degrees off normals, etc.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Use negative value.


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I’ll try that. Thank you again!