Moving multiple points along a closed curve!

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As you can see in the image, I have two curves that are divided and then those points are connected to one another forming a line. I would like to have those same points on each curve move along the closed curve (the one originally divided to find the points to be moved). If the curve were a circle, I would just rotate them x degrees, but this is a bit difficult, and I cannot seem to find a solution on the forums.

I have tried the seam method (currently deactivated in the script and will be attached) but that seems to move the points differently.

NOTE: The two curves are not parallel along the z axis. The top curve is projected on the mesh (site) and that new projected curve is the curve that gets divided. So the two curves, not being parallel in side view, may be causing the seam method to not work. I wonder if this is the issue. BUT I just need the points to move over by 0.13 (0.01 more than the radius of each pipe) on each curve along the curve.

Thank you.WORKING (43.2 KB)

maybe Point on Curve is something to play with?

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Too many copies of code in this file, not sure which one to study?

Looks like you are using Seam wrong, see white group. Instead of reversing the list of points for one curve, I flipped the curve so both go the same direction. (BUT their start/end points are not aligned!). I use Evaluate Length with slider input to decide how far to move each curve’s seam. (37.2 KB)

Many ways to play with this…

P.S. You want to invert (set to False) the ‘N’ (Normalized) input to Evaluate Length and set the slider value to 0.13.

Really appreciate this + apologies, that is why I grouped only one of the copies.

Is it possible to move the seam of a curve, then entwine them, and then adjust the seams together? Moving the two seams at the same rate, but one is a little ahead of the other along the curve.

I ask this because let us say you wanted to divide the curve by 16, but wanted the lines to be as vertical as possible. When you do this now, it does not allow for that strong verticality. Just want to make sure

When I divide the curves by 19 they are vertical, and I will use this for now.

Thank you for all the help.

Thank you, I will give this a try!

Sure, as I suggested it often makes sense to align start points of curves as well as their direction. The Split List and swapped merge (resulting in skewed lines) is an artistic flourish of your design… (21.8 KB)

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Split List and swapped merge can be replaced by Shift List. (23.9 KB)

P.S. And Shift List ‘S’ input value can be negative or positive, affecting skew/twist direction.

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Nice, thanks again Joseph! All your help has been crucial and informative/easy to follow.