Circle point move

I want move these points as shown in the image.

I create three circles divided with curve divide.

Now want to move only the top above few points like shown

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Have you considered Seam?

Thank you Oster, I want move those points along the black line I drawn. @Joseph_Oster

Moving the “seam”, the start/end point of any closed curve (‘t’ = 0 To 1), has the effect of moving the division points along that curve.

Okay sir I’ll check or I’ll upload my definition thank you sir @Joseph_Oster
cir (8.8 KB)

File uploaded

I’m not sure what you exactly mean by moving points along a curve. But this is my perception of what you said.

I’m trying this sketch01 from those cir @mahanmotamedi1991

cir (15.9 KB)

Is this what you want?

Sir I appreciate you but unfortunately this not I’m looking for yours very close but in your definition even base of circle getting change but when you see the above image in my sketch only the top part extends from the middle so that I can use Interpolate curve to create line sir @dowazura

cir (14.4 KB)

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I believe this is a screenshot from a DesignMorphine workshop on jewelry. If so the definition is in Pufferfish example files.