Moving cursor over 4 viewports and be active in all

Senario— have something that you can turn points on. With the default 4 viewports on. Turn on points. Select a point. Gumball is on. Point snd gumball are visable lets say in perspective, but not visable in other viewport. Click in desired viewport to find selected point from perspective and it kiils the selected point. Now I need to select desired viewport and re-select point .
Point is, is there a way to make the cursor activate the window by being in it while something is selected in another viewport ?
All works fine if everything is visable, but its those times when the point is off screen that would be nice that the cursor steps in to activate the window of the point not visable.
It could be just bad drawing habits on my part. --thanks Matk

Click the viewport title of an inactive viewport. The viewport will be active, but the selected objects will not be deselected. You can then pan, zoom or rotate the view with the right mouse button, or use zoom selected.

Thanks Kelvin, I also have viewports set to maximize when clicking on that tab. I will give your suggestion a try—Mark

The “viewport title” I’m talking about is this

But viewport tabs can do the trick too. Actually, what I usually do is dragging with the right mouse button for a short distance in an inactive viewport to make it active. So I don’t have to move the cursor too far for picking a small spot on the screen.

Hi Mark - the default alias ZSA should help = Zoom Selected All , ie. all viewports.