A ? On 4 viewports

Hi Mark here, a simple question. When an object or curve is selected in lets say right viewport, does it automatically deselect going to lets say top viewport? Thank you

Hi Mark - changing active views should not make any difference, in itself, to the selection, but if in changing views you click in empty space in a viewport, it will deselect everything.


I’m up to date on Rhino. Just anoying when a few things are selected and move to another viewport and all is deselected. Just wondered if something isnt turned on. Thanks again

To expand on Pascal’s reply, if you are in the habit of changing the active viewport by clicking in a blank area in the desired viewport then everything will be deselected. So it is better to get in the habit of changing the active viewport by clicking on the either the tab at the upper left corner of the desired viewport with the viewport name, or by clicking on the tab near the bottom of the screen with the name of the desired viewport.

Thank you david. That must be the detail i am overlooking

On a side note, if you’re in a single viewport mode and want to shift to another viewport without objects being deselected, you could scroll your mouse wheels with your cursor placed on the viewport tab near the screen bottom.