Moving control points to boundary

Please see attached image.
Is it possible to some how transform shapes “1” to look like something like shapes “2” without manualy moving every control point.
Basicaly you have an rectangles/polylines that get strech in z direction, or moving them to an line that on an angle form the horizontal CP

CageEdit Rhinoceros Help - CageEdit | Rhino 3-D modeling (
Select all the objects as the objects to be edited.
Control object - BoundingBox
Coordinate system - what aligns with your objects so the direction of stretch is in a coordinate direction.
Cage parameters - 2 points in each direction.
Region to edit - Global

Select and move the two control points at the ends of an edge to create the desired deformation.

ReleaseFromCage or Explode to release the objects from the cage.

Thank you :slight_smile: