Moving a point off the X-Y axis in Grasshopper

I am a total beginner to Grasshopper and need some help with a project I am working on. I am struggling to find the right method to move a point off the ‘X’ or ‘Y’ axis, for example I have a square which has 4 points and lines, what I want to achieve is a method of moving both the points and lines on the Y axis inward by a specified amount to form a trapezoid. I would also like to find an alternative method of inputting an angle in addition to offsetting points to achieve this. Can anyone help.

When it comes to points you have lots of options:

  1. You can create a vector which contains the correct y and z components, then either move your point or add your point and vector.
  2. You can also create points directly from coordinates, so if you know the x, y and z values, you can construct a new point straight up.
  3. If you know the start and end locations, but want to be able to perform the move smoothly, then you can connect the ends with a line curve, then evaluate the line at a parameter between 0.0 and 1.0

The angle request is a bit harder, and there’s even more possible solutions here. There are components which allow you to specify points in polar coordinates, thus giving you control over the angle and the offset. You can also choose to rotate your points in addition to moving them. However if you want to have points be at specific angles while also have them be at specific elevations then you either need to do some trigonometry to figure out the correct offset values, or you can create lines that have the correct orientation (but the wrong length) and intersect those with horizontal planes at the correct elevation.

If one of these solutions sounds like something you’d like to try I can help out further, but as stated the problem is a bit too vague.

Hi David
Is there a way I can show you what I am trying to achieve as I cant find a way of adding an attachment here, perhaps you can enlighten me how I can post it.