MoveFace error on cut cylinder

Anyone know why sub-object moving one of the half-moon faces on this object makes a mess? It’s just a simple cylinder sliced with a plane surface.

This happens in both V5 and V6 here. --Mitch
MoveFaceCylinder.3dm (248.6 KB)

The very first move has this weird mess:


But any subsequent move seems to look ok…


I have reported this as RH-43827

Yeah, weird. I usually stop after a first sub-object face move goes wonky, as in my experience the second move of the same face can sometimes freeze Rhino. Does look like V6 allows you to more easily escape out of a bad face move if you see it start to hang…


yup here to, but it works in the end if you give it some time, at least with my old computer some patience always paid off. i believe that has to do with surfaces getting a higher degree and thus more complex when using solid transformations and when it has to recalculate all surfaces it takes far longer.

in your case if you explode the object and shrink the perimeter surface it works again. somehow the CVs find their way into the other corner… weird

Yes, exactly, but it can take a really long time under certain situations - like 15-20 minutes or longer. So I prefer not to have to wait for it to finish.

No need to explode , Just run ShrinkTrimmedSrf on whole object .

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must be a pc thing then or a very funky facelift, on my old mcdonald a long one takes 1 - 2 min max

MoveUntrimmedEdge command and MoveUntrimmedFace command hang up Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 when they are used on extrusion objects.

do you mean completely? that did not happen to me yet, got an example?

I see that here with MoveUntrimmedFace on RH6.

Added RH-43856.

Fix for will be available in SR 2.

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