Move Face error: moved faces 'jump' to origin

I came across this problem and have not been able to solve it. I have tried running the move face command constrained and unconstrained, with the selection including multiple and single faces, without managing to achieve the desired effect.

I have a closed polysurface of a table leg (an extruded circle with a few boolean subtractions) that I am trying to ‘stretch’ to a longer length by moving a couple faces at the bottom - every time I try, the extrusion ‘breaks’ and stretches to the origin (see attached images.)

Any ideas if this is a bug or if I have inadvertently toggled on a setting that’s causing this behavior?

Jake, When you ask a question it is best to upload your file if you want a proper answer this helps.
Regards Danny

HOE-01-CON rev.3dm (615.4 KB)

Here you go.

Something with the structure of the cylinders (probably a bad IGS import). If you delete them, loft the upper and lower circular edge, and join back - it works OK. While at it you may also want to shrink trimmed surfaces to tidy it all up.

You will want to explode the leg, untrim the long cylinder surface. You can then select the edge (and cap surface and inner cylinder) and move down. You can then do again a BooleanDifference on the long cylinder surface, then join all the leg pieces back up.

HOE-01-CON rev_jkfix.3dm (527.1 KB)