Move to a point


I have create a stair and now I want to move this stair to the 2 points that I create.

Thank you!

based on this, create a vector 2pt from the base on stairs to the points and the move geometry should move it. but a bit more of a description on what you want done would be nice.


The full discription: I have create some surfaces

These are listed bij area,

Now I would love to say that my element (the stair) parametrically in the middel of this surface comes.

And when you change the parameter new elements are createing or elements are removed.

Thank you!

Those screenshots aren’t really helping. maybe take teh surface, use evaluate surface at 0.5,0.5 while reparameterizing the surface. The result can be used to create a plane normal. The orient function would allow you to move your stairs to the middle of each of those surfaces.

That image is a great example of the redundant, useless clutter coming from the ‘Bifocals’ plugin. Even worse is that any GH files coming from someone who has Bifocals installed will show these unwanted labels regardless of whether or not I have installed Bifocals myself. To top it off, it cannot be disabled by removing the Bifocals component from the canvas because it isn’t visible to me if I haven’t installed the plugin. That’s super intrusive! Like a virus.

That is true.

I generally use display icon short names and no bifocals. I also know that bifocals does not work well if you give a file without the definition, so I only use it for demonstration needs and not if someone will be using the script… For the purposes of demonstration, bifocals was used and I turned off display icons by accident and I deleted the script, otherwise I would replace the image given the number of complaints.

One comment about Bifocals and one person expressing agreement? Please don’t take my comments personally, I wasn’t complaining about you at all, The thing is that code files posted to the forum get copied and reused so the Bifocals virus propagates and can’t be removed. It is intrusive and annoying. Arrgh… :frowning: