Move one end of a curve/object around a fixed anchor point? Like a cable

In terms of execution, this idea is very similar to moving a selection of paths in Illustrator. You drag selected paths around the canvas while having the remaining point anchored in place. The result is that the line between the anchored point and a transformed point follows their displacement.

I have non-linear, sloped curves with offset thickness to mimic the electric power lines that I want to move with a transmission tower model simultaneously, while having the end points touching the tower anchored to it. Is there a strategy for me to move these cables around like that? Thanks.

Hi, could you not turn on all the control points and select them all , then move them around as desired?
The description you are explaining ( to me) is not very understandable.—- Mark

Can the curve change shape and/or length while being moved?

What result do you want - the curve in a new position or a surface of where the curve has swept?

Electric power lines hang with the shape of a catenary curve. The Catenary command creates catenary curves.

I agree, for mutliple curves I would turn on points first then select the desired points but anchored points, that’s the way to do.
Otherwise a single line point is movable as for Illustrator since the control points are automatically visible.