Move object on surface


I would like to move an object face on a surface, then be able to move this object without leaving this surface. For example, if I want to put a glass on a table (assuming my table is planar but neither horizontal nor vertical …), then move this glass on the table.
Is there any way to do it ?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Ternon - if the surface is planar, set a construction plane to the surface - CPlane > Object, and that should do it - you can drag the object in the Cplane as usual- if the surface is not planar, then it’s trickier but still possible - OrientOnSrf is one tool.


Well, if your surface is planar, the easiest would be to set a CPlane to the plane of the table in the Perspective viewport - then dragging or moving the object will be constrained to that plane… --Mitch

thank you very much for your response,
What will happen to my zero point if I set my surface as Cplane ? Will it move ?

The World zero (origin) point never moves - you can always get to it by using world coordinates (w0,0,0) or by resetting the CPlane to world XY.

However, yes, when you set a CPlane other than World in a viewport, it changes the local (CPlane) origin in that viewport. Coordinates entered (without the “w” in front) when that viewport is active will be relative to the new CPlane origin.

HTH, --Mitch