Boolean issue

Rhino 8 Wip sometimes has issues making elementary boolean operations.
If I export this geometry in stp format and then re-import it in Rhino, the boolean operation is performed.

This is the file:

tubes.3dm (112.0 KB)

yep, seeing the same here. this should work.

Hey Gabriel,
can you give us some background on these parts? Were they created in rhino or imported from somewhere else? There seems to be a pretty serious tolerance error on the seams of these parts which would be quite odd if they are native rhino parts.

can you give some more background detail?

Hi Kyle,

they where created directly in Rhino 8 WIP.
I created a long cylinder, then I subtracted some parts with booleans, then I mirrored the sliced cylinder at 90° and tried to subtract another part. It didn’t work.

thanks, added to the bug report

@gabrielefx The cylinder in your file just looks like a basic cylinder, not one that has had anything subtracted from it. The seam edge appears to have been messed up somewhere in your process. From your description, I thought maybe mirror would be the cause but I can’t recreate the issue. If you call the What command on the cylinder, you’ll see that an edge has a tolerance of 1.78, which is the length of the cylinder. If you are able to create a cylinder like this again, I would like to know how so we can fix that.

This is not a Boolean issue, but a problem with one of the commands that you used to create the cylinder. Roundtripping through STEP fixes the problem since STEP import is written to deal with bad data coming from often unknown sources.

Thanks for your help with this.

Sorry to divert from initial bug reporting, but couldn’t help but notice your interesting and oddly satisfying custom workspace. Do you actually click each icon instead of typing in commands or using aliases?

Yes, I have a 5K ultrawide monitor and a Rhino custom workspace from where I pick all most used commands.