Move edge of brep

So, I am really confused… I am trying to move the edge of a brep my moving the control points of a surface. I wrote this script and it says that my control points have a movement of {0,0,6.1}. One would expect that it would translate vertically, but nothing happens when I run it through the point deform module. Can anyone shine a light on why this may be?

Hi @jhafel,

It’s hard to say without a file to take a look at!

You are just moving around vectors, the actual geometry is left untouched.
What you are doing is only reading out the edges and reading out the point coordinates of them

Move Edge.3dm (32.4 KB) Move (7.4 KB)

Is that not what pDeform is doing though, moving the surface’s control points via the movement vector? If I am misunderstand how that block is used, please explain. I am relatively new to grasshopper. Still a novice here :sweat_smile:

this only works on control points of surfaces, see attached sample:

Move Edge (10.7 KB)

so if you want to do that, you’ll have to rebuild that surface you want to transform as an untrimmed surface