Move command line dialog out of center of the screen

Hello, it is possible, when I’m using command line dialog instead of sidebar command line, to move the command line dialog window out of center of the screen. And ensure when I will type next commands that the dialog window will appear on the last position ?

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It is not possible at the moment. Would you want to pick the location yourself?


I’ll be glad if the command window will appear somewhere on the top of the screen. It is really space saving function, especially when you working on laptop, just hide all palettes and use this popup command line. But it shouldnť block the center of the screen.

I’m not at my computer right now, but I think I was wrong earlier. Can’t you just move it to a new location on the screen and it will pop-up in the same location the next time? (I think I was testing an item recently where I did this and I believe this is the intended behavior). Give it a try and let me know. Thanks.

When I type start to type command it always appear in the same position, in the middle of the screen near to the top. I moved this dialog window to the top of the screen and type next command, but the window will appear in default position in middle of the screen again. I’m sending you an image for demonstration.


Thanks. I logged:

RH-49657 Command options dialog: Use last screen location when moved

Does that capture the request?

I was getting confused before; I was thinking of the subsequent command options dialog, whose onscreen position does seem to be “sticky.”

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Yes, you described that right, thank you !

Dear Dan.

After 2 years, does exist now a way to change that “sticky” event.

The reason why I ask this is because I do a lot of live demos and screen recordings , being able to place the Command Option Dialog elsewhere inside the UI would help a lot and make sense.

I saw this in advance settings, would be nice to have such option to define the COD location the same way.


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Hi @RodolfoSantos-

I apologize for the delayed replay and I’m sorry to report that:

RH-49657 Command options dialog: Use last screen location when moved

has not gotten the attention it deserves. Perhaps we can bump the priority a little.

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your answer.

Sure we can leave with it.

The Use command Option dialog behaviour is a nice option and should not be removed TMO.


An extra option may help ( Toggle option )
On = sticky event ( like the Popup Option Window behaviour )
Off = As it is now ( centered by default )

Rodolfo Santos.

I feel stupid to ask this but how can I change the name KDLAB associated to my account. ( not relevant at all )


You should be able to change your username on your account preferences page.

I do not find how to edit it, it is like locked…

Hi Dan
According to original request, and also the way I experience this, the problem is not with the command options, that is sticky to the place of last location. But the command search that always pops up in the middle of the screen [obscuring geometry] no matter where it has been moved to…

thanks a lot

Yes, that distinction - which I agree is important - is recorded in this item already:

RH-49657 Command options dialog: Use last screen location when moved

The request is to have the command dialog (that which precedes the Command options dialog) remember its onscreen location so it can be moved to a user-desired location.

and later…

NOTE : this is not to be confused with the Command options dialog, which DO INDEED seem to record a sticky onscreen location.

The title of the bugtrack item is really more about where - in code - this stuff lives.

Thanks for the clarification Dan

With best regards

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