Move Command Dialog Box

In Rhino 6, does anyone know how to move the Command Options Dialog from the left sidebar to the top? Where it used to be in Rhino 5?

if it isn’t locked, just drag it

I am unable to drag it, maybe it is locked? It doesn’t appear to be something that can be unlocked.

Sorry I didn’t read the “for mac” hehe. I don’t know how it works in mac.

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Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t believe it ever was there in Rhino 5 for Mac

I actually never used Rhino 5 for Mac, just Rhino 5 for Windows. So I guess I’m wondering if there is a way to move the command bar to where it is in Rhino for Windows?

I’m afraid the answer is a resounding “Nope”…

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Hi Emilio-

As was already mentioned, you cannot reproduce Rhino for Window’s command-line in Rhino for Mac.

Have you tried the alternative to the left-hand sidebar: the command-options dialog? You can enable it from Rhinoceros > Preferences > Themes > switch to Custom theme and enable Use command options dialog.

Any better? (Not likely if you are looking for the Rhino for Windows command-line).

Yeah, the options dialog isn’t really what I was looking for, unless there is a way to win it to a toolbar?

That option is not available; as you’ve gathered, the Rhino for Windows command-line experience is not available verbatim in Rhino for Mac.

Hi there,

Picking up on this thread, it is a shame the command line can’t be moved to a more convenient location than the left sidebar.

Rhino for Mac is borderline unusable for me because of the UI. The command line is absent from the Layout Browser, which means all commands pop-up and interrupt quick workflows. I don’t see why this can’t change and at the very least, the command line mirror the Model browser layout.

Additionally, commands like ‘Hatch’ always result in pop-ups (regardless of Browser, and admittedly similar to Rhino for Windows). The real deal-breaker here, is that the ‘Ok’ checkbox within the Hatch pop-up can’t be keyboard-approved - you can’t hit enter or spacebar. Instead, you have to actually click ‘Ok’. This is just totally nuts and completely unacceptable in a rapid workflow. Any pop-up dialog items MUST be keyboard-navigable.

These UI changes are pretty critical to me, and are what makes Rhino for Windows such a brilliant product. As a 10+ year Rhino user, moving to Mac and having to adjust to a far less sensible and much less swift UI has been a real challenge, and not something I think I can overcome. I think the few changes above would really help Rhino for Mac approach Rhino for Windows’ pace for users like myself.

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