Move Camera on Top View

Hello All,

I wonder if it’s possible to run a command to move the camera or the view on top view on the x,y plane.
For example, I’m looking at some curves and I want to move my top view +100m on the y axis so I don’t have to scroll every time.

what I’m doing now:

what I would like to do:

so I can go back and forth, up and down in specific distances without having to zoom out, scroll, zoom in and so on.

Thank you!

Hi Renan -

The easiest might be to use two different named views and switch between those. Call the one something like “v1” and the other “v2” and you can simply type those names on the command line to change the view.

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Hi Wim, thank you for your reply. In my case it’s usually floor plans and I have more than 20 , equally distanced from each other. So sometimes I would have to go up +2000meters, checking each one along the way. I guess still taking time to create named views for each and having quick shortcuts would work, but I wonder if there are any other ways!

Hi @rteuman
You can do simple +/- in the viewport properties window, so if you are working in meters, just add +100 to the number in the Y-axis - see video :slight_smile:

HTH, Jakob


Thats great, thank you Jakob!