Motion Blur

Does VRay next have motion blur for animations? Vray used to have a button for motion blur even though it was not supported.

The motion blur works for the Rhino animation tools, but not for Bongo animations. So, it’s a motion blur caused by camera movement only

You setup a Rhino animation and enable the animation option at the V-Ray asset editor. Also set an output path. Now press the V-Ray render button and the animation is rendered. Nice feature - the scene isn’t loaded again between the frames, any frame start is done in the memory.

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If I may hijack the topic for moment! What is the best way to simulate motion blur for a propeller turning with VRay / Rhino?

You could use a radial blurred texture and assign it to a disk and 3D shape so that it looks like a fast spinning propeller.

Indeed, or maybe leave it to postproduction in After Effects…

It’s definitely not used in this official video: