Most cost effective way to get a Kuka kr-150 to do macining and hotwire cutting

I have Rhino and a Kuka kr-150. What is the most cost effective way to start machinig and hot wire cutting of foam parts. I am guessing this is going to include a cam program and a conversion software. Grasshopper also sounds like an add on for tools like my hot wire needs and track. Don’t have alot of money for expensive software, Please someone help!

I don’t see how Grasshopper would do much here. Perhaps it would help you with your modeling.

What CAM application do the Kuka people suggest? Rhino supports enough file formats that I’ve never seen or heard of a CAM application that Rhino could not work with.

What sort of parts do you design?

Does Kuka have a discussion forum like this one? It might be more useful to search from that end of the process to see what other successful users are doing. Rhino mis separated from your Kuka mill by the CAM process and also the NC process that feeds the CAM generated G-code to the mill.

This might be of interest on the Grasshopper angle…

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