Morphosis Sejong M-Bridge Façade Script

Hi everyone, has anyone done a script for this kind of facade? I’m trying but can’t find a solution

it is always good to give source

I think you didn’t try enough. I don’t say it is super simple but I just see 4 or 5 hexagonal elements that have the same border.

Try to make the hexagonal pattern,
Hexagonal pattern that has coordinate like that

  1. 0,0
  2. 1/3*l, -h1
  3. l,0,0
  4. l,0, h2
  5. 2/3*l,h2+h1
  6. 0, h2

then you could populate it randomly of with some rules.
It could also be goo you read that "help US help YOU:


Yeah, I count 4 different hexagonal shapes.

  1. Large opening
  2. Small opening
  3. Faceted protruding
  4. Flat

These can each be modeled as blocks to allow for easier revising.

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Thank you Laurent will try that

Hi Laurent, I’m trying to make those variables for the hexagon paneling, but can’t find a way, do you mind sharing that script that you made for the grid, thank you.

No problem to share.
M-bridge Korea (5.4 KB)

Thank you.