More rendering tests with v7-

That makes sense Kyle. I think it’s reasonable for now to stop all modeling changes before we go into paint. We have been exploring the auto unwrap of Substance. It’s ooook for most cases. Especially for parts that have no directionality (like a tillable noise pattern), but not really good for any technical patterning or fabric weaves. Fortunately Substance let’s you import meshes with UV information.

We’d love to see your video! Just ask Andy to give us a one-click Rhino < > Substance link too :crazy_face:

that may be in the works at some point, but for now I’m happy we can use substance at all!

sbsar support is coming too…

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OK, so just how “real” is “real”? Comparable with VRAY, Maxwell, THEA etc. ?


Give a go and you tell us!

there are a lot of factors that make a render engine “good”…speed, quality, ease of use, look, feel, image quality, etc…

This is why we put stuff out there early to test. In my experience the amount hassle to a really nice image in Rhino v7 is very low.

I’ve used a lot of rendering packages over the last 20 years and IMO this one is plenty “real”.

But my opinion is not the only one that matters, which is why we’d like you and everyone else out there to give a go and let us know how we are doing!

I’d love to see that Substance Painter workflow in action!

just for you sir!

Rad! What’s the significance of the pending sbsar file compatibility?

easier material transport- less fussy. Ideally you could export that sbsar file apply it in rhino then edit the material in substance and resave it with the same name and theoretically have a semi live link from substance to rhino.

It’s like someone giving you a rhino 3dm instead of a step file… they both work, but the rhino file is less hassle.

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Aaaaand you finally found my reason to upgrade to V7. Still gonna model in 5 doe…

I knew i’d get ya one way or the other… :wink:

IMO the v7 render engine is really nice… with nvidia denoisers and a good video card with a pile of cuda cores, it’s crazy fast too.


how can I use / activate the denoiser?
does optix work?

Hi -

At some point, when they are done, they will be available as downloads that you then install.
I’m sure there’ll be an announcement when they are ready.

@wim Thanks for clearing this up.

This sentence:

…made me think it is available NOW!!

Looking forward to it.

That turned out to be an exclusive “we” for the time being…

So mean! Teasing us endusers like this :laughing:

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OK that was my bad… I should have said we have real rendering coming!

I just got kinda excited, cuz they are really cool… stay tuned.

The tires, are the stripes nurbs or are they texture?


OK, so I’ll give it a try and report back my initial thoughts… I’ve never used Cycles as I thought it a poor substitute to any of the “real” render engines out there, namely Maxwell and THEA (haven’t used VRay - yet).