More question about command InterpCrvOnSrf

when I use the ‘_InterpCrvOnSrf’ command, it can span the seams of closed surfaces. But when I use the python script “rs.AddInterpCrvOnSrf( surface_id, [point1, point2])”, it will avoid the seam of the surface. I have tried the plugin about ‘CurveOnSurface’, it also can success to deal with it. I want to know how to achieve it. More thx if you can give me a advice.

like this, the yellow line is the seam of the surface,when use ‘_InterCrvOnSrf’,it can span the seam.but when i use the python sciprt “rs.AddInterpCrvOnSrf” ,it will show the second line in the image. I will apperciate it if you can help me. thx

Hi @1792927545,

Try calling the RhinoCommon method directly.

– Dale