InterpCrvOnSrf - help needed

Hello Everyone,

I have encountered the following problem while trying to draw a curve through 4 or 5 points located on the surface of the pipe. The points were created by locating a point on the V isocurve extracted from the pipe (via ExtractIsocurve). After selecting 3rd or 4th point the curve does not take the shortest path on the surface of the pipe but instead starts looping around the pipe.

Thank you for your help! I am using latest version 7 SR9 (7.9.21207.13001, 2021-07-26).

InterpCrvOnSrf is influenced by how the cursor moves between points, which can result in looping around pipes and similar.

CurveOnSurface is an alternative to InterpCrvOnSrf CurveOnSurface | Food4Rhino The V6 version works with V7.