Monospace font for panels in rhino UI?

is it possible to change the font of the rhino ui? I’m specifically looking to change the font in the layer panel. when you have a lot of layers and they are named systematically and certain layer names all have the same character length, the non-monotype font can be confusing. it would be way more appropriate to use a monotype font in the layer panel (and all other panels).

hopefully there is a way to change the font used in the rhino panels?

As far as I know you will need to change the default font you use in Windows entirely. If this is what you want then see for example Redirecting

I don’t want to change the font of my windows operating system, especially not to a monotype font. there must be some way to change it in rhino, right? I don’t care about the overall rhino ui font, just the font used inside the panels.
I assume there are other users who feel the same pain when looking at same character length layer names but with varying name length? It’s just not right.

If it isn’t possible in rh7, please consider this for rh8. like this:

if rhino needs to use the windows system font then at least having the option to use windows default monotype font for the panels, like this:

this should be simple, right?

I think you mean monospaced. Monotype is a type foundry, owning the rights to many famous fonts.


indeed I mean monospace. thanks for correcting.

I know this old but could a moderator please correct the title of this thread. Monotype → Monospace

@AndersDeleuran thank you!

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