Monoceros Module Count

is there any way to find out how many modules used in the envelope?

I need the total number of md1,md2 and m3

You could opt for a GhPython block that iterates through the entries and looks for specific substring (md1/ md2/ md3). I don’t got the plug-in you’re using but simulated it. It’s best practice on a request on the forums to also add a test script.

Make sure to flatten the output, as now it’s in a tree structure.

# option one with simple for loop
md1 = 0
md2 = 0
md3 = 0

for item in list:
    if "md1" in item:
        md1 += 1
    if "md2" in item:
        md2 += 1
    if "md3" in item:
        md3 += 1

# option 2 using a dictionary
#count_dict = {"md1": 0, "md2": 0, "md3": 0}
#for item in list:
#    for key in count_dict:
#        if key in item:
#            count_dict[key] += 1
#md1 = count_dict["md1"]
#md2 = count_dict["md2"]
#md3 = count_dict["md3"] (11.7 KB)

@ (26.9 KB)

here is the script

Did you already test the above solution? Connecting the GhPython block with the flattened output of Slots?

I assume that’ll do what you want to do.