Grasshopper Monoceros

Hello is anyone familiar with Monoceros? I have my modules set up but im having two errors for my rule boundary point as well as my suggest rules geometry. Could someone take a look or have an idea whats not working?
Monoceros (21.2 KB)
Monoceros (88.0 KB)

I figured it out dont feel like you need to respond. The fix was to have the slots set up with grid snap on and large enough to fit on the grid and not inbetween when placing lines and points.

I’ve just started trying to work with it.

It seems like the slots need to be placed exactly correctly using their base points in order for them to determine their adjacency right? Documentation on constructing the slot matrix is a little sparse.

Do you know if there is any way to control the weighting of observations? I.e. just setting some relative value for each module, making it more or less likely? I guess one hacky way of doing it would by by creating multiple modules which have identical geometry, base point, and rules, but different name. Adding more aliases for a given module would make it more likely to get selected at any given observation…

This would of course be a kind of global weighting, rather than more markov-model style transition weighting.

Thinking about how you might control the observation probabilities given a collapsed slot. That seems more difficult. I guess the above approach would work if rules were asymmetric. All aliases of a given module would have identical outgoing connections. You would control probabilities of observations by choosing the number of connections to establish between one group of aliases and another.

So for instance, given the following:

10 modules called a_i, where i is the index of the alias

10 modules b_i

10 modules c_i

Let’s just focus on the 0 → 4 connections.

for each a_i:0, you could connect them to the following

{a_0:4, a_1:4, a_2:4, b_0:4, c_0:4, c_1:4, c_2:4, c_3:4, c_4:4, c_5:4, c_6:4}

This would make any observed a_i:0 most likely to connect to a module c, somewhat likely to connect to an a, an least likely to connect to a b.

I guess you could use typed connections and take advantage of data trees, etc to set this up. I was wondering though if there is a more monoceros-idiomatic way to do it? or if one is planned already?

I think we already spoke about this somewhere else but let’s resolve it here, too.

The documentation about creating Slots can be found here: Monoceros | User manual

I’ll be happy to hear suggestions about what to add or explain more thoroughly.

Observation and entropy weighting is not part of the public version of Monoceros.