Module path GHpython - csv module


Hi everyone, I just started with Rhino Python and I wanted to read some csv files but I can’t do it: the error I get from the interpeter is ‘1. Solution exception:No module named csv’. I’ve tried the ‘import csv’ and then to read from a file…
It looks like I’m missing the path of the module I guess which is actually located at ‘C:\Program Files\Python36\Lib’ in my laptop… I cannot understand how to manually check module location from the GHpython editor… Can anyone help me with this stupid and tricky issue?! thanks

(Dale Fugier) #2


Thank you for the link…(actually messing around in the Library I found out that the csv imports a module ‘_csv’ which I think is some kind of C module somewhere located compiled … but I couldn’t manage to merge Python and Ironpython libraries)

(Giulio Piacentino) #4

Generally, you cannot merge CPython and IronPython libraries, unless they are pure Python.
It’s best if you leave the default module, in general. Does it help?


Yep, I found out. Actually I achieved what I wanted looking through the other topic linked by @Dale… Anyway…it’s a pity libraries are different…