Module path GHpython - csv module

Hi everyone, I just started with Rhino Python and I wanted to read some csv files but I can’t do it: the error I get from the interpeter is ‘1. Solution exception:No module named csv’. I’ve tried the ‘import csv’ and then to read from a file…
It looks like I’m missing the path of the module I guess which is actually located at ‘C:\Program Files\Python36\Lib’ in my laptop… I cannot understand how to manually check module location from the GHpython editor… Can anyone help me with this stupid and tricky issue?! thanks

Thank you for the link…(actually messing around in the Library I found out that the csv imports a module ‘_csv’ which I think is some kind of C module somewhere located compiled … but I couldn’t manage to merge Python and Ironpython libraries)

Generally, you cannot merge CPython and IronPython libraries, unless they are pure Python.
It’s best if you leave the default module, in general. Does it help?

Yep, I found out. Actually I achieved what I wanted looking through the other topic linked by @Dale… Anyway…it’s a pity libraries are different…