New to Grasshopper: Trouble with Python Script Running

Hi, as the title says, I am new to grasshopper and RHino3D in general and I would like some help figuring out how to run a specific python script in grasshopper that does some calculations based on the 3D space in Rhino. My specific problem is that when I import the script I want to run, it doesn’t import the files that it needs to run despite the commands to do so. For example the error occurs as follows:

(line4) from FileA import *

Runtime error (ImportException): No module named msilib.schema

line 4, in , “C:\Users\”
line 4, in script

Any help would be much appreciated.

How strange. msilib is a core module. It’s in the Iron Python 2 repo, but I can’t even import it in regular Iron Python (outside of GH). Maybe you can link to a static copy (installing without pip in GhPython is troublesome) and add its path to sys.path