Modify a Boolean Operation


I’m missing in Rhino7 a kind of list view of all Objects and Boolean operations (like Cinema4D has). In fact I’m trying to find out how toe mnodufy a old boolean. Example: You make with Boolen subtract a hole in a cube for this you use a cylinder who creates the hole. However - after the operation is done how do you make the hole bigger or smaller? How to move it? (The Cylinder is gone and I cant find it…)

Thanks for help.

Hello - In the WIP of Rhino, Boolean operations support History. This will mean, as a rule, you’ll need to keep the inputs off on their own layers so they can be aout of the way when you are not editing them.


Thank you. But how to do this??? (Sorry I’m comming from Cinema 4D and that works different). Tried it - but on my side all boolean operation are gone and there goemetries are also gone (the subtract ones). Just the Holes / Cut outs are still there. And i don’t know hoe to modify theme…
Also tried this layer thing - but even thene the forms that are used to cut theme out of another one are gone - even on there one layerf. What did ik do wrong?

make sure you have history turned on before you run the command. /

do not delete inputs-

Thank you for trying to help.

I still stuck a bit. So far what i did:
I turned Historie on (to always). Then i created a cube un the standart layer and a tube on the 1st Layesr. Now i used Boolean to cut with the tube a hole in teh cube. That worked, but the tube disapeared. Now i can’t even move the tube (to move the hole) or change the diameter of the tube to change the diameeter of the hole. What are I’m doing worng? Where can i find the tube again to change it? Theoreticaly the tube should still be on Layer 1…
This is so much easyer with the object and operation list other programes do have. (Im comming from Cienma 4D and Solidworks…)

Hi Martin -

Let’s take a few steps back…

To start with - Rhino works fundamentally in a different way. Yes, you can compare, but, no, it’s not going to make Rhino work like those other programs.

Then - I see that you have downloaded an evaluation version. Note that this is for Rhino 7. When Pascal and Kyle talked about history support for Boolean operations, this was recently introduced in the Work-in-Progress (WIP) version of Rhino 8. That said, I also see that you have an eMail address for a company that does engineering. It’s possible that you are using a “full” commercial (i.e. non-expiring) version of Rhino 7 that will also give access to the Rhino 8 WIP. But just to make sure - are you running the Rhino 8 WIP?

Further -

When you run the BooleanDifference command with nothing selected, you are first asked “Select surfaces or polysurfaces to subtract from”. When you then select the cube and hit Enter, the command line will say "Select surfaces or polysurfaces to subtract with ( DeleteInput=Yes )`.
If you then click on “DeleteInput=Yes”, it will change to “DeleteInput=No”.
With that option, your cylinder will not be deleted.

Finally -
Unless you are running Rhino 8 and are recording history, moving that cylinder will not update the hole in the cube.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t modify the hole in the cube, though. While often it’ll be easier to start over, in a simple case like the one you mention, you can use the MoveHole command to move the hole in the cube, or, a bit more general, you can use sub-object selection (using the Ctrl+Shift+LMB combination) to select the wall of the hole in the cube and then use the regular Move or Scale2D commands to modify the position or size of the hole.