Modelling Tips - Best Way to Flatten Polysurface?

Hi people,

What is the best way to do this?
Intuitively I should be able to just lower the face and it should merge with the rest of the body.

But it does not, even after running ‘MergeAllCoplanarFaces’

Do I really need to use a planar rectangle and boolean split to get what I want?

Why can’t solid manipulations be more intuitive? When edges and vertices get overlapped, Rhino should automatically collapse them. Is there a command to do this?

Hello - - you can have a try with the V8/WIP’s PushPull command.


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That’s nice <3. Looking forward to it.

What about best alternative in Rhino 7?

Extrude the top face solid down to the level you want, then subtract from the main body. Then MergeAllCoplanarFaces.

What do you mean subtract from main body?

Two ways to do it -
Extrude surface DeleteInput=No and then BooleanDifference from the main object, or,
Extrude surface DeleteInput=Yes - which does the above in one step.
Then MergeAllCoplanarFaces.

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Extrude Surface with DeleteInput is really smart and fast. Thank you!