Modeling skin w/ dynamic overall shape + applying panels

Hello there,

I am trying to model a skin for a skyscraper I am working on in sketchup. It is a skin of panels that is very dynamically shaped, that wraps, and dips and flows around my tower and the lower podium.

I first drew up the general idea and then modeled it sketchup as shown in the first few pictures. The plan is to model it in rhino, then import that back into my main sketchup model.

I started by importing that base model into rhino then I began trying to copy the basic outline model the best I could from the sketchup shape. I tried doing the sub-d route to put it into grasshopper, but for some reason I found it hard to model the actual shape/ outline, not even including the individual “x” shape panels to apply it to the whole skin at the end) and I also don’t fully understand grasshopper very well yet nor do i think I have time due to the approaching deadline. I next tried using the native rhino surface tools in hopes of working with paneling tools which kinda worked, but the panels kept getting warped and none of the surface editing tools seemed to function correctly. I need to have uniform panels if possible. Here are the attempts of the skin but of which only worked on a single coplanar surface:

I have spent countless hours trying countless different things with all sub-average results. I guess I am looking for a detailed how-to of sorts or something similar. At this point, I am running out of time, and I’ve desperately considered paying someone else to do it, but even then I’d also rather know how it was done step by step instead of simply getting a model in the mail which is still asking for a lot. If you need me to explain further or need anything else to better understand the intent, I will be more than happy to provide anything that is needed.

I realize I might be over my head with this crazy design, but I have to move forward with it so any help is truly appreciated!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Can you share the Rhino model?

Hi there! Sure one sec!

I have included both (albeit unsuccessful) file attempts as well as the final (rough) shape of the final skin in the sketchup file. If you don’t have sketchup I can try to import it into a new rhino file if that makes it easier :slight_smile:

Actually, it is only letting me post the smaller rhino file. I will send these over and try again

rhino shape help.skp (1.0 MB)
skin 10-30.3dm (3.1 MB)

Unfortunately, it is not letting me upload the other file here. I think it might be too big or something?