Modeling help

Hey guys, I’m trying to model something like this:

How can I model it so that the front and side profiles are controlled and the surface is curvature continuous?

Any help is appreciated!

all you need is the outlines of it, split the ground curve in half as seen on the picture the other you keep as a whole. use Sweep2 selecting both split curves and choose a point at one end then the crosssection then again a point at the other end and execute.

oh and forgot to add: if you switch on history you can change the shape through the initial profile curves and will see the update immediately. just see that the curves meet each other when you change them otherwise it may rip the sweep apart.

Hi Chixt - there are a few ways to get there - attached is one surface layout that can work well as you can control the edge profile pretty well.

SoftShape1.3dm (152.5 KB)

@Chixt another good way to make this sort of ‘smooth pebble’ shape is to loft a set of mathing curves ‘Loose’ You can end the loft at a point as I did here or along the edge of a center surface.SoftShape2.3dm (83.7 KB)


Or you can use basic ellipsoid then add some knots and little bit move some points and voila.

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