Modeling a Bed Legs

Hi everyone. I should model a bed leg but i don’t know which commands will be useful or how to use them. I should model this leg:

I am in emergency condition and I will be grateful. Thanks again…

Hi Meysem - probably, for a very soft look like that, one way is to make a loft from some copied and positioned versions of an original curve as in the attached file, and a revloved shape for the lower part - there is more to this shape but this may get you started,
BedLeg_Start.3dm (139.6 KB)


Thanks dear Pascal. It is very useful.

Hi again. Your models helped me a lot but my model in this picture is harder and more complex. Is there any other help? I dont know what to do…

Hi.Because the trial version has expired I cannot save and send the 3dm file.

Select all closed lines, except the black one on the ground > loft.

Adjust the loft directions, best on quad.
Cut the distorted ground from the loft with the orange arc.
Duplicate the new edge and loft it with the black circle on the ground.

Hope that helps

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It is a complete guide. Thanks very very much JayR…