Problem with Loft

How to Design This Leg in Rhino:
37.3dm (286.5 KB)

I use sections and loft them but result is unacceptable…
Is any other right and good command but loft?

Hi @Meysam_Ebrahimi

The reference picture is not embedded in the Rhino file, so it’s a little hard to tell what’s not right. From the very small thumbnail in your post, it looks as if the leg might benefit from some of Rhino’s other surfacing tools - sweep1, sweep2 etc. But without a better picture, it really is quite impossible to say, exactly what could work.

HTH, Jakob

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The ref pic is really hard to decrypt.
Imo your 37.3dm need a lot of improvement. All profile curves have a different amount of control points and are not alligned. Your green profile curve needs a setpt too . That makes it hard for loft to work.
So I draw the green line new with the curve command from arrow to arrow. This new line i duplicate and transform to the rear line. The profile curve by the buttom arrow I projected to a curved surface and use this one with the most top profile curve to do a 2raill sweep with the 2 new curved lines.
For the remaining peace I used a loft.

Thats the result

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Hi dear @JayR. I dont get this part.

I do “Setpt” and understand it. It is very useful.
How you fix profile control points? by Rebuild?
Can u Attach your 3dm file please? wanna see details and profile control points. or just screenshot projecting operations.
Sorry for asking a lot of questions… I just confused in lofting and projecting.

I only have this photo.

Hi Meysam Ebrahimi
Sorry for the confusion but my english isn`t well.
The thing that loft all profile doesnt work is because they are not alligned and have diff. amount of control points. When I use the loft-command for a couple of profiles, I copy one profile and edit it or use the rebuild command with same amount of points. And as you can see on top view the profile curve is a zigzag and needs a setpt


But back to your 37.3dm model.
Pic1. Copy those 3 profiles to your righthanded lines
Pic2. Explode the lines and delete trim away the not nessesary sections. Do a fillet an the sharp corner.
Pic3. Do a 2railSweep
Pic4. Draw a circle at the button of the surface
Pic5. Extrude the circle and use it as a cutting plane
Pic6. DupEdge and sweep with the circle on the ground.

Sorry but I cannot attach a file. Still on a trial of Rhino 5 and wayting and saving money for V.6 to buy it.
Greets Jay