Modeling 3D Jewelry - New Rhino 8 lessons

Learn jewelry design and 3D modeling with Instructor Dulce Chavez in the online Modeling 3D Jewelry course from Rhino3D.Education.

Available in English and Spanish, with multiple subtitle options.

Exciting news! We have recently updated the course curriculum with new Rhino 8 lessons. This course teaches you everything about jewelry design, manufacturing, and modeling. You will learn how to create a classic basket, model a cocktail ring with gemstones step-by-step using the new Rhino 8 commands, and much more!

If you are already enrolled in this course, check out the latest additions by revisiting Rhino 8 lessons in each chapter.

If you are interested in enrolling, we are offering a 40% discount! Simply use the code JewelryRhino8 at checkout to get this limited-time offer.

Plus, after you finish the course, you’ll get a certificate of completion. Don’t hesitate to turn your jewelry design ideas into reality. Start working on them today!

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Posted Feb 29, 2024 by Lucia Miguel on Rhino News, etc.