Model View component (solved)

Hi guys, i’m fairly new to Karamba and Grasshopper so there might be an obvious answer to my question, but I couldnt manage to find it in another post so here I am.
I created a simple beam model (several aligned rectangular frames linked by their corners by straight lines), set the material, support and load. Everything is running without errors, but when I visualise the results with the model view component, the deformation seems way more important than it should (even with deformation scale set to 1)
What’s more, it shows me 4 of my models going in different directions. Its pretty difficult to explain this by text so here is the file (30.6 KB)
Do someone know where it could come from? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Robin,
you have multiple models in your set up. Make sure to flatten the Support inputs to avoid this error.


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Thanks for your time,
It was indeed the issue! I figured that out after a quick tutorial on the way data is organised in Grasshopper.