Model resize and placement

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with the model placement method inside Rhino.

Let say I have built a square shape model (the square in red), and trying to put them into the square area as show in the right-hand side. Could the square shape model auto resize and place right into those square?

For reference, the ultimate goal was to achieve the below result, and not limited to operate with Inventor.

Is it possible? Many thanks for answering this question.

Hello- it is pretty hard to visualize what you are asking about without a model to look at.


Hello, thanks for the prompt reply.
I have created points in grasshopper, and would like to put the 3D model, which created inside Rhino, and place it to square section with auto resize and placement.
Please check the attached Rhino model and grasshopper.
Thank you very much for your help.

Ask (5.5 KB)
Ask 01.3dm (29.9 KB)

Hello - see if the attached is something like what you need.
Ask (13.3 KB)


Take a look at this as well:

Ask (20.7 KB)

Slightly more complex than the solution provided by @pascal, but it will accommodate situations where the source and/or target areas are rectangular instead of square. Also provided an option for padding space around targets.


@kev.r , @pascal
Thank you very much for your sharing.
Both solutions are very useful for me.