Model download on specific model + question on color property

Hi all,
I would need some advice (again).
I want to implement a model download on this site I made (
This is the model I should implement:
Everything works fine, except of the model download. The code from the Shapediver Tutorial page just doesn’t work on this model.
All I would need is just the working code line to get the download working.

The second thing that doesn’t work as excepted is the color picker, I don’t really understand how I can change this property. If I just send the raw values of the color swatch, nothing happens. A sample code line would be very helpful.

I have searched the docs, but didn’t find a solution.

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

Thank you in advance!

This code example includes a export button:

You can update the colour value with api.scene.updateAsync() function. See more details below:

thank you!
I still don’t really get why the code from the tutorial page isn’t working, but I’ll try the one you mentioned instead.
Thanks again!
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