Mobile cplane for ArrayPolar,Revolve,Mirror etc

It would be handy if each of these commands ( ArrayPolar,Revolve,Mirror etc ) always created a mobile cplane - so that when the cplane is moved/rotated the objects update.


If I interpret what you want correctly, you want the polar array or revolve center points, mirror line. etc. to be included in History. This has been requested before, no idea how/when it might be implemented.

The main problem is how to set up the user interface so that you can see and manipulate the center point/mirror line/etc… A sort of visible CPlane object as you suggest is an interesting possibility.

This also raises the whole issue of how history enabled objects might be displayed so that the user can see/edit the relations.


I’ve often thought that much more could be done to show construction aids and tools as ghosted elements. Ten or twenty years ago this might have been a tall order given the display technology available. With today’s video boards I would think it would be much more practical. With the right colors, transparency and symbology design I think many more tools could be shown simultaneously without the screen becoming too cluttered or distracting.

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