Missing tool bars

every once in a while i start rhino, it loads and i get the interface pop with my main tool bar on the left missing. this time i started it up and everything is missing. all the tabs, and tool bars are gone. i have to go in and do a tool bar reset and everything comes back. this happens quite often actually this is the first time everything as been missing and it says root element is missing in the command line. not sure what the cause it or whats happening. is there something i can do to avoid this issue?

My WAG (Wild Ass Guess) is something is interfering with the saving process when Rhino is closed. By chance are you running on a laptop? If so, are you closing Rhino then quickly closing the lid forcing the system into hibernation when Windows is trying to save your settings?
If that seems to fit, Try waiting 30-60 seconds after closing Rhino before closing the lid or forcing a hibernation. This will give Windows a chance to finish it’s background “system processes” before taking a forced nap.

I assume you know how to get your toolbars and sidebar back?

thanks john, no its not a laptop. yes i am getting them back by doing the tool bar reset in options. perhaps it has something to do with the pc going to sleep if rhino is left running. not sure. in the past 2-3 mos this has happened maybe 5 times.

Windows is not 100% reliable when hibernating and Waking.
I would recommend either changing your power settings so it never sleeps, or make it a habit to close Rhino when you’re done. That way Rhino is NOT running when the system goes through a sleep/wake cycle.

I suspect either one will solve the problem but it means changing habits.

yeah ill make that change and just keep an eye on it to see what happens in the future. thanks for your input