Missing decals using nXt Render Farm

Hi all,

I’ve just set up a render farm in the office, and all running well with 4 machines. I’ve just run some renders overnight and come in to find the decals missing from the finished renders… Very strange, so I re-opened the file and rendered in Rhino -decals appear fine. I’ve then re-run the renders at high res. using the farm, and the decals are missing again.

Any ideas what’s caused this? And how I might fix it? Any help greatly appreciated.

The first thing that comes to mind is that not all of the machines on the farm are using the latest version of nXt 5… here’s the download link http://www.flamingo3d.com/download/

Any luck? You can email tech@mcneel.com as well if needed.

Sorry - should have mentioned - we’re still on Rhino 4 and that version of nXt. Not all the machines have Rhino/Flamingo nXt installed, but if I understand correctly, they shouldn’t need to? Is this right?

They do all have the latest version of the Farm software installed, though - checked for this before doing the install.

@scottd Any ideas on if this could/should work with v4?

That is the previous version of NXT. I will take a look. We want to make
sure both the NXT on the master and the farm are up to date. I can test it
when I get in.

Thanks for looking into this Scott.

I’ve just checked for updates, and i’s telling me I’ve got the latest nXt on my master machine. Downloaded the latest version of the Farm to install with, so that should be up to date on all the machines as well.