Rendering farm, Flamingo nXt 5.0 and missing UV decals


I wanted to use rendering farm to speed up renderings, but unfortunately I noticed one problem. All of the UV decals are missing. (I have the latest farm client installed on servers):

here’s local rendering in Flamingo nXt 5.0 for comparison.

I can only use Farm with Flamingo nXt 5.0 because when I’m using previous version of Flamingo nXt (3.1) and rendering Farm, I see no decals at all. So right now I can only render locally in Flamingo nXt (3.1) to get the results that I want:

I also noticed that UV decal shrinked after I cut the surface in Flamingo nXt 5.0 but when I use Flamingo nXt (3.1) decal doesn’t shrink (which is what I want, please take a look at the last picture). I didn’t shrink surface itself (when I use ‘_Split’ I have shrinking set to NO), so I thought the decal should look the same as on the middle sphere in Flamingo nXt 5.0. Should I apply another kind of mapping after I cut the surface?

I think missing UV decals is a bug but maybe I’m doing something wrong. Anyway I will be using Flamingo nXt 3.1 for now.


(Rhinoceros 5 SR 14 64-bit , Flamingo 5.0.16334.11523, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit) (909.2 KB)