Missing components in Kiwi!3D on mac

I am using Kiwi3D in one of the courses that I teach and almost all of my students who use mac are missing Analysis Solver and IGA Solver. Is there any way to solve this problem?

I think Kiwi3D is not compatible with macOS… would be cool if it was, you probably have to contact the devs. Maybe with a few tweaks it can be made compatible, but IDK

It seems that it is installed. All the other components are there except for the Analysis and IGA Solver. Anna, do you have any suggestions?

I see that the installer is a .rhi file. I think it has to be converted to .macrhi or sth, but not sure about it.

Hey, it is unfortunately not possible. Kiwi is not the problem but we are using a .exe in the background. Maybe we rewrite the code one day but for now it is not available.
The only way is a virtual machine on a mac.