IGS solver - MyAnalysis could not find GPs

I am new for grasshopper and Kiwi3D. I have a question. When I run output of Kiwi3d IGA solver as a fitness function of evolutionary algorithms, there is an error message “MyAnalysis could not find GPs”. Could you let me know how to solve this problem?


BTW, I run it on Rhino 6.


without seeing the file it is hard to tell but did the analysis run? You should see a shell window. If not, there should be an error output in the IGASolver component (E). You could also check this in the out.log and out.err. These are normal text files. You can find them in the same folder as your .gh file.
Could you provide your file?

I don’t know much about this. But if you are facing your analysis measurement issue then math website might help you.

Did it work for you? Or do you have a similar error? This error is most of the time related to an error in the solving, not the plugin itself.
Kiwi!3d should be independent of your Rhino version. Only the service release matters. However, if this is not matching the requirements, you will not be able to install. I assume, this is not the case as you can produce the error message…

Yeah, it worked. The error is not related to Kiwi 3D. The plugin- Wallacei was not fit on my optimization problem. Kiwi 3D works very well when I used other optimization plugins.
Thank you for your replying.

Another question.
Why the youngs modulus of steel is 2.1*e8, not 2.1 e11.

Hey, we assumed [m] and [kN] as default units for the analysis. Consequently, steel has 2,1e8 kN/m^2 as default value. We will probably add a dropdown in the future in order to be able to choose the units directly in the material component.

But for me the issue was still there.

Could you post or send your Grasshopper file?