Mesh Normals still flip each time I open and close a mirrored Block

I was testing Rhino 8 today and noticed, despite a rewrite of blocks, that the mesh flipped normal bug is still alive and well inside blocks. Sometimes…

ie: open a block and the normals appear correct, close block and the normals flip to their opposite. I must then open (all normals wrong) and close a block to return normals back to normal.

I asked some other Rhino users and they all experience the same thing. I gave this bug a name the mesh “flippidy-dippidies”.

I think this only happens with objects that have a mirrored counterpart.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the other fixes. Woo!

fyi, blocks are not rewritten, Blockmanager is.

there are a coupe YT items regarding flipped meshes in blocks
RH-26525 Mesh: Flipped normals on mirrored blocks
RH-51561 Meshes from mirrored blocks come out with flipped normals.
RH-56490 Normals flip in BlockEdit