Minimum Bounding Box to fit Geometry to Printbed


I have a lot of geometry I need to fit in a printbed.
So its not possible over the solved over the volume, since i need to fit it to certain values of length width and height.
I tried it with ocotpus, but I am not even sure if it is possible.
Someone knows? (627.9 KB)

Thanks for any hint!

I think i will just set up the box and rotate the geometry until it not intersects.
Probably easier.

Hi Baris,
I don’t have Octopus to try out your code with, but it sounds like all you need is a properly defined fitness function which tells you how close you are from your desired fixed values.

David Rutten’s blog (linked to in Galapagos) has a great introduction to these issues and more:

thanks! That did it, no need for octopus.

Internalize your geometry? Use longest edge of brep as basis of plane for BBox:

yep, I noticed I forgot to save the file before uploading it.
I cant upload the original geometry , so I made an arbitrary shape.

I solved it define the fitness like this: (17.9 KB)

Providing geometry with a question lke this is really essential!

I solved thanks to @qythium comment. Without Geometry.

I agree its better with geometry but as I mentioned before I didnt noticed when uploading.

Thanks for looking at it! (21.3 KB)

Version ‘c’ (below) replaces slow Area with Srf EL cluster that sorts surfaces by the sum of their edge lengths. Profiler shows ~five seconds for 4422 geometry oriented BBox results - too many to see anyway, even zooming in: (24.9 KB)

Since it is quite cheap/fast to calculate the bounding box, a sampling approach might be preferable to the stochastic search approach (especially if you need to calculate it for many objects). Something like this: