Minimising Unique Panels


Hi there,

I have a question regarding the potential of Evolute. I have a double-curved surface (pictured below) that I want to panelise using the mininum amount of unique panels as possible. The triangulation and breakup of the surface is locked to the required dimensions of the construction material.

Does Evolute allow me to specify the base dimensions of unique panels or set a minimum number?

Also, does Evolute allow me to adapt the surface whilst maintaining key vertices to ensure a minimum number of unique panels is used?

Thank you for any help possible.

(Alexander Schiftner) #2

judging from your screenshot it should be possible to optimize for groups of panels for this surface. Using EvoluteTools PRO module Panel design and optimization it is possible to set optimization of edge length groups such that panel repetition will increase. Afterwards panel shapes can be clustered within a user-specifiable tolerance using EvoluteTools PRO module Flat panel clustering. Please contact us to request a trial license.


Excellent. Thanks for your assistance! It seems that it would be possible then. I will be in touch!